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Even after going through all the hectic processes to apply loan, it is hard to convince the bank manager to get an approval for the sanction of loan. This is different here, we assist you from the scratch to get approval.

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Customers can get the personal loan done with simple steps. We strive to transfer your personal loan amount to your account instantly within a minute. Our staffs are ready to get you back anytime.

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Unlike other places we have no hidden charging of costs for any of your transactions and other activities. Customers can enjoy free services and facilities for all the processes to they wish to make for loan approval.

Simple Documentation

The documentation process are really simple that wouldn’t require any complicated procedures, customers are required to have minimum documents in order to get the approval of the loan.

Flexible Loan Facilities

Loan facilities are designed in a way that is very flexible for the customers. Many of the schemes and facilities are introduced by keeping the beneficiaries in mind. These facilities are indeed a boon for the customers.

Loans up to 60 lakhs

Customers can apply for loans upto 60 Lakhs, all you need to do is to leave us a message or do visit us. We are here to assist you in all aspects, so that you may have a successful life by endeavoring your dreams.

About personal loans by press 4 loans

Personal loans are for individuals salaried customers provided by Banks and Non- Banking Financial Sector (NBFC). Loans are helpful for covering your needs like, marriage, children’s education, furnishing purpose, hospitalisation, home renovation, house hold items, vacations, etc. Personal loans are unsecured loan provided for the customer without any security documents and guarantor signature. Likewise personal loan process is simple comparatively with home loans, mortgage loans.

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Quick Processing

Loans that are provided to the customer for the tenure of 12 to 60 months. Interest rate starts form 10.75% it varies according to the loan amount. Customer should hold minimum work experience of 1yr subject to changes in work experience according to the company. Loan amount starts from Min 1,00,000 /- to 60,00,000/- depends upon the eligibility of the customer.

  • Immediate Approval
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Simple documentation

Personal loans with low interest rates

The unsecured form of loan which is popular to satisfy immediate demands is personal loans. It is multifunctional in nature and can therefore be used for various purposes, including wedding, renovation of homes, traveling and more.

In addition, the amount borrowed cannot be restricted and can be used for any purpose. A personal loan can actually help you build your loan faster compared with other types of loan. This is because it carries the risk due to uncertainty.

A personal loan can all in all compensate for any temporary financial crisis.

Instant Transfer To Your Bank Account

Loan will be credited to the salary account of the customer .EMI will cleared in the salary account of the customers. Pre closure charges will be applicable according to which bank the customer applied for personal loan. Partial payment also we can do.

Personal Loan Benefits and Features

No collateral required

One of the benefits associated with a personal online loan is that it is inherently unsecured. This means that you don’t have to guarantee your loan. Although this may be the reason for your interest rate, if you meet the eligibility requirements, you can easily get a low interest personal loan.

Minimum documentation

The verification and documentation process has become short in this age of digitalization. This applies to an instant personal loan because it is quick to disburse and requires minimum approval documents.

Easy approval

You can get quick and easy approval of personal loans. That’s why it’s the best bet in financial emergencies. In addition, the process has become digital and thus reduces verification time.

A personal loan may be used for anything except investment and illegal activity.

Multipurpose in nature

In addition, it is in nature multipurpose and can be used for everything. Other forms of credit are for a certain purpose and can only be used for the same purpose.

For example, a home loan is used to buy a house, while a car loan is used to buy a car. A personal loan can nevertheless be taken to offset any immediate needs.

Check your Personal Loan Eligibility

Most banks / NBFCs provide personal loans but have different eligibility requirements. There are, however, some criteria common to all financial institutions.

The eligibility criteria for the online approval of personal loans to employees and self – employed persons are:

Age: 18/21 years – 60/65 years

  1. Employment Type:
  2. Self-Employed professionals

Credit score: 750 or above with a good credit history

Minimum Net Income (Monthly):

  1. ₹15,000(non-metro cities)
  2. ₹20,000( metro cities)

Loan Amount: Up to ₹50 lakhs depending on the credit profile

Work Experience:

  • Salaried
    • Employed at current company for at least 6/12 months
  • Self-Employed
    • Business tenure of at least 3 years (continuous)
    • ITR of last 3 years

The common documents required for personal loans are given below:

For employees

  1. Proof of identity & age
  2. PAN Card
  3. Proof of residence-Passport driving license, Voter ID, postpaid bill payment / landline bills (electricity / water / gas)
  4. Last 3 months (preferably your salary account) bank accounts
  5. Salary Last 3 months slips
  6. Form 16 or Income Tax Returns of last 3 years

For self-employed persons:

  1. Identity and age proof
  2. Fully filled in photograph
  3. Personal loan applications.
  4. PAN Card
  5. Residence proof-driving license for passports, Voter IDs, post-payment / landline bills, utility bills (electricity / water / gas)
  6. The last 3 months of the bank statements (preferably your wage account)
  7. Over the last three years, income tax returns with income calculation.
  8. CA Certified / Audited Balance and Profit & Loss Account Last 3 years.

Types of personal loans:

You may take personal loans for different kinds of your needs:

Personal loans to improve your home/Renovation

There is always something you can do in your home, and an instant personal loan can help you to meet them. A personal loan can be the solution, from the remodeling of your kitchen to make your house a perfect mixture of comfort and durability.

Wedding Personal loan

In Tamilnadu, a normal wedding cost an average of 25 lakhs! It is not an ideal option to exhaust all your savings for all marriage expenses. This is where you apply personal loans online and cover the costs. Now it’s easy to plan a wedding.

Personal Travel Loan

Apart from home renewal or wedding, your travel expenses can be covered by personal loan. It can be an open option because it is convenient and an economic option. In addition, your credit card can change your uses and help you save interest costs.

Fresh Funding

Meeting work capital requirements can be a daunting process and the daily operations can be affected without raising fresh funds. Personal loan can be the best alternative to fulfill your short-term working capital requirements, such as accounts payable, wages, etc.

Personal Loan Top-up

A personal loan top-up is a facility that financial institutions provide to clients to borrow certain amounts of money from your personal loan. A personal loan is the best way to meet your needs. The interest rate for an additional loan is slightly higher than the normal personal loan.

Personal Loan Balance Transfer

Did you know that you can save thousands on your interest on a personal loan? Well, that can help you with a balance transfer. You can pay off your existing loan at a lower interest rate with a new loan. Please note that there is a personal loan balance transfer charge.

Calculate your EMI / Month or year

EMI plays the most important factor when you are planning to apply for a personal loan. Whether the EMI fits into your monthly budget or not can help you decide on your personal loan. This is where an EMI calculator for personal loan can help you.

A loan calculator will help you to achieve the following results:

Monthly Payment – EMI you pay on monthly basis
Total interest payable – Total loan interest
Total amount to be paid – The total amount of the principal and interest

Interest rates for personal loans

Interest Rates Rage: 10.75% – 35%

Processing Fee: Differs from bank to bank

Loan Tenure: 12 months to 60 months

Loan Amount: ₹100000 – ₹50 lakhs

Pre-closure Charges: Differs from bank to bank

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Personal Loan FAQs:

Whether it’s wedding charges, home renovation or a health emergency, a personal loan may be your answer to the immediate financial needs since it’s easy to get, quick in payments and doesn’t require collateral.

The best personal loan varies from borrower to borrower. A credit profile contains credit, monthly income, employer, type of job and so on. All the factors mentioned above are considered to be the best personal loan.

You must fulfill the following eligibility requirements to receive a personal loan:

Age: 18/21 years – 60/65 years

Employment Type:

  1. Salaried
  2. Self-Employed professionals

Credit score:  750 or above with a good credit history

Minimum Net Income (Monthly):

  • ₹15,000(non-metro cities)
  • ₹20,000( metro cities)

Loan Amount: Up to ₹50 lakhs depending on the credit profile

Work Experience:

  • Salaried
    • Employed at current company for at least 6/12 months
  • Self-Employed
    • Business tenure of at least 3 years (continuous)
    • ITR of last 3 years

When deciding on your credit score, personal loans play an important role. The effect of missing an EMI personal loan on your credit score may be adverse. One of the reasons for the same is that personal loans in nature are unsecured.

Personal loan approval has become instantaneous due to digitization. However, due to the documentation process, the disbursement could take 5 – 7 days.

There are no things like best personal loan. Each borrower must find the lender best suited to his / her needs. To do this, you can either offline compare the different lenders or apply to platforms like Press4loans that help you select the lender according to your needs.

Naturally, you can early pay off a personal loan. This is known as a personal loan prepayment.

The rate of interest on a personal loan ranges from 10.75% to 35%, which varies from lender to lender.

When examining a personal loan application, banks consider the following factors:

  1. Age
  2. Income on a monthly basis.
  3. Score of credit
  4. History of credit
  5. Documents

The best interest rates for personal loans depend on a customer’s credit profile. A client must have a good credit score, a consistent source of income, should be paid / self – employed in order to get the best rates.

The minimum wage for obtaining a personal loan is about ₹15,000 non – metro towns and about ₹20,000 for metro towns.

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