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There are a lot of options out there when it comes to borrowing money, but not all of them are created equal. Make sure you read the fine print before you sign up for an online personal loan to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

What is an individual loan?

Personal loans are credit facilities provided by banks and non-banking financial institutions to meet the consumer’s personal financing needs. A creditor will provide customers with a loan at a certain interest rate for a fixed period of time. The borrower then uses the amount of the loan for any personal use. The lender is not responsible for the use of the personal loan.

Personal loans are also unsecured loans, which means that no collateral is needed to use them. Nothing must be committed to the creditor as security. As such, you should not repay any of your property or assets at risk.

Whether you are an autonomous employee or a salaried individual who tries to accomplish both aims, when there is an unusual cost, such as marriage for children, restoration of your home or furniture, education for children, families and any other dream to come true, make use of personal loans.

Eligibility for Instant Loan Factors


The younger you are, the more likely you are to get a loan. As young as you are, the bank or other financial institution thinks that you can repay the loan more efficiently. Whether you are an employee or a self-employed person, your age should be between 25 and 65 years with Instant Loan.


Your salary is the main factor depending on your eligibility for an Instant loan. The more you earn, the more time is available for repayment. If you are an employee of the Instant loan your minimum annual salary will be Rs.400,000 and if you are an executive your minimum income should be Rs.60,00,000.


Stability in jobs is also an significant consideration depending on your eligibility for an Instant loan. If you are an employee, you will have at least 2 years of full-time work experience with the Instant Loan. And if you are a self-employed individual, you should have a turnover of at least 5 years.

Cash Ranking / Score CIBIL

Your credit rating is very valuable. It also represents your experience of financial borrowing and your repayments. When your credit score is good, you are more likely to obtain a loan. The credit score is generally 750 strong. If you have a CIBIL score of less than 750, your probability is also lower, and in some situations your credit rating may also be received, but instead your rate of interest is marginally higher compared to others.


The employer for whom the applicant (borrower) works is the perfect way to assess the candidate’s reputation. Being a known and high-sales company is a help when applying for the loan.

How can I always be eligible?

Instant Loan is the fastest solution in urgent times. But in order to use the Instant loan facility, one must be eligible under the above eligibility criteria. If you fail to meet eligibility requirements, your online personal loan application will be denied.

Credit Rating / CIBIL Score

The borrower should be issued with a minimum CIBIL score of 750 in order to allow use of an Instant loan. CIBIL Score shows the history of borrowing and repayment. A strong CIBIL score means that you had a good balance of loans secured and unsecured and that your repayments were routine and timely. A applicant with a strong CIBIL score is a Respectable Borrower collateral who regularly pays the Instant loan (if paid).

It would also be a smart idea to make your current refunds routine (whether you haven’t been so far or if you have already been). It will help you increase your CIBIL score and help you make use of every potential loan, not just the Instant loan.

Monthly income

To repay any loan at equivalent monthly installments or EMIs, one should have sufficient income that would be enough for other necessities like housing , food, banking, clothing and transportation even after payment for the EMI. The percentage of the total monthly EMIs does not usually surpass 35% of the monthly sales, so there are enough left over. However if you have big salaries, the fixed monthly bonds will not reach 60% of the monthly income in the pocket.

Regardless of your salary, if your FOIR is higher, it would be a good idea either to lower the current EMIs with a balance transfer loan or to find additional revenue to lower your FOIR. This will increase the chances of your Insta Loan application if you ever want to use it if necessary in the future.

Job stability / Employer

Employees with highly qualified employees and MNCs have a sure, stable future and thus jobs. For comparison, small to medium-sized businesses, ownership to entrepreneurs have no stable future, so it is highly possible that they will shut down any time and jeopardize the financial security of their workers.

Every lender will always prefer an MNC employee to a start-up employee. The workers of top corporations also enjoy extra comfort at the rack cost of every loan.


Job stability is another important factor. It is for any lender to determine whether an applicant has a stable and continuous career. This allows the lender to assess the applicant’s financial condition and its willingness to repay. In comparison, an applicant with numerous work changes and job vacancies can not trust any loans, as the income from the applicant is neither secure nor guaranteed. In this case , it is difficult to decide if these applicants are normal in their reimbursement or not. Any lender would therefore obviously be likely to refuse the application from these applicants.

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