How to get a Business loan from a Bank?

Apply Business Loan from Bank and NBFC

Banking and NBFC finance continue to be the core of the small and medium-sized enterprises of India. Corporate loans help your small business to grow and to invest in infrastructure, operations, plants and machinery. In addition , corporate loans can also be a real weapon for sustaining business for essential business activities. Customized business loans are a new type of corporate loans designed to suit the unique needs of a new age company or startup. These loans offer your business the chance to scale it up and give it the competitive advantage required for today’s world.

Business Loan features

Offers on customized business loans to SMEs in India. Their loans are free of bureaucratic bureaucracy, often involving bank loans and have an incredibly simple application, approval and disbursement process. We have developed a fast and efficient digital interface which minimizes human interaction and thus helps to speed up the entire process of business lending.

Get loans for businesses to 2 Crore

We provide corporate loans to qualifying SMEs from Rs. 50,000 up to Rs. 2 Crore. Our broader loan window increases the chances of approving a business loan and provides you with the necessary funds to grow and expand your business.

Super fast loan approval for business

Through our online only application process, we have taken loan processing times to the next level. It helps us to skip a great deal of manual work and to accept the loans on the same day.

Easy time and disbursements

Business loans faster than the business loan scheme of  120 minutes. With our online loan processing, you can receive a business loan from banks within 3 days , compared to 8 to 10 days.

No collateral available.

A business loan does not jeopardize your valuable assets. We offer unsecured corporate loans without collateral or protection. Therefore, you no longer have to think about building your capital assets.

Equal rates of interest

A Bank and NBFC uses advanced big data and learning tools to assess, on a case by case basis, the lowest interest rates on company loans. This means that the interest rates are the best available for your client.

Extended term of the loan

Our loan term of at least one month and at most 36 months increases the loan relief for your company considerably. If you face temporary business problems, you can buffer a business loan of 6 months or more to solve business problems.

Will not cover costs?

Business loans from Bank/NBFC pledge zero hidden costs and charges. We charge just 1-2% one-time processing fee depending on your loan request, and that is all. This helps you to keep more of your corporate growth capital.

Flexible Refund

Last but not least, business loans from Bank/NBFC can be paid back in EMIs every month or two weeks. Our EMI options allow you to match your payments according to your invoicing and sales cycle , for example by reimbursing your business loan twice as quickly as possible on the bi-weekly EMI option if your sales go well.

Benefits of business loan

Business loans allow you to redraw your business strategies to match today’s agile working environments. Below are the benefits of an NBFC loan.

Quick treatment

Quicker delivery means faster credit for your product, so you can explore new horizons and use incentives while you fly. A timely corporate loan will broaden your marketing capacity, boost your company and ultimately increase your profit margin.

Your ownership preservation

Since it is a business loan that is unsecured, you are not likely to lose valuable assets or give away valuable stocks instead of investment. A business loan from Banks/NBFC helps you to maintain your ownership while also providing you with capital to expand your company.

Cash flow streamlines

Business loans from Bank/NBFC improve your chance by providing you with time and resources to streamline cash flow and enter profitable territory. Such loans help you to align your business fund with your corporate capital fund by offering investment which can be repaid in installments.

Improve your credit score

A Bank/ NBFC loan is the perfect way to boost your credit rating as we report credit accounts to all credit offices. Moreover, a business loan with Bank/NBFC is particularly useful for companies that have seen an unexpected decrease in the credit score.


EMI Corporate Loan and Calculation

EMI Company Loan

Different company loans may be reimbursed in various forms. Equated Monthly Payments (EMIs) is one of the simplest ways to pay back a company loan. Your loan is divided into equal fixed sums charged annually before the loan is completely repaid. There are two pieces of an EMI, the main loan and the accumulated interest. Small and medium-sized firms consider the repayment of EMO financing simpler, because the strategy helps them, without straining their limited operating budgets, to finance costly properties and acquisitions. NBFC credit providers like offer flexible corporate loan EMIs that can help you pay back a corporate loan twice as quickly by opting for two-weekly repayments. Faster repayments also give easy access to refinancing for the same amount or a larger business loan .

How to EMI Company Loan Calculations?

The measurement of the EMI loan is carried out using a simple formula, i.e. E=P xr x(1+r)n/(1+r)n-1 Here, ‘E’ is the EMI ‘P’ which represents the loan amount ‘r’ which stands for the interest rate offered per month, ‘n,’ which is the duration of the loan. An EMI calculator for the corporate loan is a digital version of the formula which enables you to measure the amount of EMI over a web interface.

Do and don’t have industrial loans?

A corporate loan can be a major source of capital for your business’ growth, but it can also be a road to ruin if you do not carefully plan those aspects. SME loans have a shorter repayment period which ensures that applying for an excessively large loan sum raises your EMI sum unintentionally. If your business goes through a period of low sales or your invoices are delayed, it can be difficult to maintain the loan and cause debt accumulation. Therefore, before applying for a business loan, you should remember certain issues.

Have you checked all other company management options?

This is because you need money to fund a vital job when you get a corporate loan. A company loan is not the only way to fund the work capital needs, the purchase of properties or the new business unit. You may also make the expenditure possible by implementing policies to minimize costs, raise output and revenue to a restricted degree, or by using the funds from your contingency fund. Therefore, consider all your financial options before applying for a corporate loan. It can often turn out that you didn’t need a business loan and ended up with a commercial debt for any excuse.

How do you intend to use the money for the loan?

You will place your company on the front foot soon after you collect the loan funds by determining how you will use it in advance. The money can go to critical tasks directly. You can even prevent your growth plans from being operational if you have previous working relationships with the lender. For example , business loans can be renewed upon payment in full, so that you can start a new project right after finishing the current one, as your partnership guarantees a renewal. On the other hand, no forward planning will lead to the waste of loan money, which is used for non-critical tasks. For example, you can use your working capital loan money to repay existing loans or to buy machinery and equipment, which then creates a void in your operating capital funds.

Does your company benefit?

Finally, your company will benefit from any sort of capital investment. If you have a scheme for the repayment of a loan and you also have an intended case for the loan money, but your operations do not grow significantly, you should probably think about taking a business loan again. Sit down and build a strategy for development with your financial analysts, project managers and other business consultants before you apply for your first company loan.

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