How to get approved for a personal loan?

How does a personal loan mean?

Personal credit is an unsecured loan. This does not allow an asset to be offered as a pledge for the lender to give you the loan. Nevertheless, we have included a list of tips you need to remember before applying for a personal loan to ensure you do not face a disadvantage when applying for personal credit. It should be noted that personal interest rates vary from bank to bank. They will start from 10 percent and hit 37 percent based on the Bank’s interest rates and processing fees policies.

Compliance with the qualifying requirements

The minimum age for applying for a personal loan is 21 years and the average age of 60 years for most Indian banks. However, some banks often require individuals 18 or older to apply for a personal loan.

Healthy credit ranking

The credit score for any person is determined by means of credit payment and pre-payment figures based on his or her credit debt ratio. This is the regularity of your bill payments, and your credit score is higher. The score is between 350 and 900. When your credit score is higher than 700, you are more likely to have your loan accepted. So if you have a lower credit rating, you can take a couple of months to complete your score and your bill payments and dues in time.

Choose a fair amount of loan

Upon assessing your repayment potential, you will apply for a loan amount fair. Every bank regulates your ability to repay your loan based on your current income. Thus, if you apply for a loan sum that, based on your projected savings, you are unable to repay in the fixed term, the bank is likely to refuse the application.

Don’t send in multiple devices

If you assume that applying for more banks would improve your chances of securing the loan, the opposite is actually the case. Banks will not want the applicant to apply to other banks because it dilutes the candidate’s preference of the bank.

Do not apply for personal loans because you are paying another loan

Make sure, in at least the last six months, you have not taken another loan. Banks usually stop lending money to these borrowers because they do not take on the responsibility of two loans simultaneously.

By following the tips above, you will increase the probability of your personal loan being accepted

Pre-approved Personal loan

A pre-approved personal loan is nothing but a non-secured short-term loan that banks and NBFCs can give to individuals with a decent Credit Score. Unlike a regular personal loan, however, the banks and the NBFCs themselves extend these deals to the customers. It is typically provided to persons whose creditworthiness is appropriate to the lender.

Criteria for qualifying

A pre-approved Personal Loan is typically given to long-standing customers of a lending institution who meet the following requirements:

  • An over-average loan value
  • A strong balance of the bank
  • A proven record of savings
  • A decent income
  • A proven history of repayment

You can do so by logging into your netbanking account if you want to verify whether you qualify for a pre-approved loan from your current bank.

Necessary documentation for this loan

Since a pre-approved agreement is usually provided to current bank customers, the procedure is hassle-free, with little to no paperwork. However, if you apply for a previously approved loan from a bank other than the bank with which you have an account, the following documentation must be given to process the loan:

  • Bank statements for the last six months
  • Pay slips for the last three months
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • PANcard

Why would you apply for an approved loan?

The option of a pre-approved loan has its advantages. Let’s think about a couple, shall we?

Easy production and disbursement

As the creditworthiness test is already completed by your bank, a pre-approved Personal Loan is processed easily, perhaps in minutes. And your loan balance will also be credited instantly to your account.

High rate of interest

Again, because the banks themselves offer such loans, you can definitely get the most favorable interest rate.


These loans are very versatile in terms of repayment and use. You can use the fund for anything you want. However, you can select pocket-friendly repayments for up to 60 months.

Pre-approved loan application

If you receive an offer via SMS or call, simply answer the same as you are required to start processing your loan request. You may also contact the representative of your bank to start processing.

You may also test your eligibility and apply for a pre-approved loan on your netbanking account. This is how to do it:

  • Sign up on your netbanking account
  • Go to the ‘Lending’ section and select the option ‘pre-approved loans’
  • Tap on the button ‘apply now’
  • Pick your desired loan form from the pop-up window to proceed
  • Complete the details needed and submit your form
  • Well done to know

Now that you’re up-to – date on pre-approved personal loans, here’s just a few hopes for you:

Pre-approved deals are typically invitations to applicants, and they are only valid for a certain period of time. You must apply for the deal within the specified time span.

While the most favorable interest rate is open, you still have to compare it with other credit on the market before taking up the offer

There may be costs associated with the loan, such as pre-closure and prepayment costs. Until applying, inquire about this.

On these loans , banks can deduct a processing fee. To stop this, you should request zero transaction fees. This decision, however, lies with your bank alone.



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