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Features and benefits of personal loan

An individual loan is an unsecured loan that can be used for many purposes. You can make your dream a reality effectively by choosing our personal loan. You can now take the long delayed holiday or refurbish your home or even buy that dream car. You can achieve all your goals with the Bank’s personal loan. The EMI personal loan calculator is available to help you to easily calculate monthly payments before you apply for a loan.

We understand that a personal loan can be applied for in many ways. In order to satisfy these various needs, we have made personal loans in different categories.

Comply with our hassle free online personal loan, which is designed to help you live the fullest life.

Get a personal loan with simple documentation, fast processing and fast disbursement easily.
Choose a loan term that ranges between 1 and 5 years
Enjoy the convenience of the doorway service
Get the best personal interest rates in class
You don’t have to worry about collateral or guarantors
Delete your high interest debt with the ‘Balance Transfer’

You can apply for our instant personal loans online; in just a few seconds, to learn your eligibility. You can also use our personal credit entitlement calculator to find out your entitlement.

Transferring of Personal Loan Balance

Reduce your present personal loan burden by opting for a Many Bank Personal Loan Balance Transfer. You can lower your EMIs with our competitive interest rates. Hassle-free transfers with minimal documentation and low processing costs are some of the important features of our personal balance transfer loan.

You can also receive additional upgrades to meet your current financial requirements. It is one of the smartest ways to reduce your personal loan costs and improve your credit rating thanks to flexible repayment terms and rapid payouts. Request today a balance transfer from several banks.

Salaried employees

The category includes employed physicians, salaried chartered accountants, employees of select public and private limited companies, employees of government sector including public sector enterprises, central , state and local authorities.

The minimum age will be 21 years at the time of application

The person’s age for personal loans should be 60 years or the early retirement age

The minimum monthly net income is Rs.25000

It would have been at least 2 years of service and at least 1 year in the new organization

Should the current residence have completed at least 1 year of stay, if rented

Self employed

Self-employed individual owners, managers and partners in manufacturing , trading or services

The minimum age will be 25 years at the time of application

Full lending age will be 65 years

Rs.5 lakh should be the required annual net profit after tax

Will have five years of experience in profession.

Required Personal Loan Documents

A personal loan is an unsecured loan made available to meet your financial and/or individual needs. At Bank, we provide you with free, convenient and fast personal loans without any guarantee or collateral. You can make use of funds in no time with a simple application process. All you need to do is submit the necessary documents and establish your eligibility to make use of the funds.

When you apply with us for a personal loan, you must submit a signed application form together with your KYC documents. In addition, you must set your qualifications, salary, age, financial stability, etc.

While some basic documents remain the same, others can differ based on the complexity of a job profile of the applicant.

The basic documents to be provided by each applicant are:

Proof of Identity Aadhaar card, pancard,passport, driving license, voter id, Ration card
Proof of Address Passport, driving license, aadhaar card, voter id, gas bill, bank statement, rental agreement
Proof of Income Salary slip, Bank statement, Bank passbook, copy of ITR, Audited Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account Statement.
Additional Passport Size Photo

Self-employed persons documents:

Identity proof: passport / driving license / ID / PAN card issued by UIDAI with name, image, address and adhaar numbers.
Proof of residence: license agreement / ration card / utility bill (not older than 3 months)/trade / establishment / sales tax / valid passport – as long as the passport address is indicated in the application form.

Bank statements (latest 6 months bank statement / passbook) Business (current account)

Latest 2 years ITR with revenue calculation, B / S, P&L and c with all CA certified schedules

Proof of business continuity: trade license / sales tax certificate)

Additional required documents: Single copy of the declaration of ownership of partnership / approved copy of the MOA, AOA and resolution of the Board. For income derived from a partnership firm, B / S, P&L a / c with all schedules certified by a CA, the last two years of the partnership.

Interest rates & Charges for Personal Loans

One of the best ways of receiving financial aid is to ensure that you do not compromise on the most important things in life. You are here in Bank / NBFC to assist you in the event of a financial crisis.

Test our following interest rates

If you want to buy a car, plan a dream wedding or renovate your home, a personal loan can be useful. It is also useful in circumstances needing immediate treatment, such as a medical emergency.

If you want to buy a car, plan a dream wedding or renovate your home, a personal loan can be useful. It is also useful in circumstances needing immediate treatment, such as a medical emergency.

This can make a personal loan a great tool to manage your finances and simultaneously serve as an incentive to implement your plans.

BANK Interest Loan Amount
Axis Bank 12-24% 50,000-15 lakhs
Bajaj 12.99% onwards Up to 25 lakhs
Citi Bank 10.50-18.99% 50,000-30 lakhs
Fullerton India 12-36% Up to 25 lakhs
Hdfc Bank 10.75-21.30% 50,000-40 lakhs
Icici Bank 11.25% onwards 50,000-20 lakhs
Idfc First Bank 11.50% onwards 1 lakh-25 lakhs
IndusInd Bank 10.75% onwards 50,000-15 lakhs
Standard Chartered Bank 10.99% onwards 1 lakh-30 lakhs
Kotak Mahindra Bank 10.99-24% 50,000-15 lakhs
Sbi Bank 10.50% onwards Up to 20 lakhs
Tata Capital 10.99% onwards 75,000-25 lakh
UCO Bank 10.95% onwards Up to 10 lakhs
Union Bank Of India 10.10% onwards Up to 10 lakhs
Yes Bank 10.99% onwards 1 lakh-40 lakh


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