What credit score do you need for a personal loan?

Which is the CIBIL minimum score to secure a personal loan?

It is best usually to have a credit / CIBIL score of 750 or higher for a personal loan Your credit score is between 300 and 900 digits, giving future creditors a swift idea of your fitness. The greater your score, the better your chances are.

CIBIL is one of India ‘s four registered credit offices offering a credit score, with Equifax, Experience and CRIF as the high mark. As a first move, borrowers usually look for a minimum credit / CIBIL score of 750 before agreeing to continue with the application.

What is my loan value ‘s position in the loan process?

CIBIL gathers and manages all lending operations with banks , credit card firms and other approved lenders. It receives reports on all the transactions from these lenders every month. It provides information about your EMI and credit card payments (including late or overdue payments), outstanding balance, any adjustments in your credit limit as a whole and any other data relevant to your credit profile.

On the basis of these results, your credit value is determined by a complex mathematical formula. The ranking reflects your credit conduct and offers a snapshot of your creditworthiness. When you have a clear history of making all your payments in full and on time, you appear to have a high score. Whether you have a history of defaulting payments or using excess credit, your credit ratings would be negatively affected.

I have a loan score lower than 750. Will I receive a loan?

If there is a score between

300-599 – You ‘re not going to apply for a loan. A low score is a warning to lenders that you have no history of good credit conduct. Most lenders will immediately reject your application. Immediate measures are required to restore your credit health and increase your ratings.

600-749 – Although it’s not a high score, some lenders might support you .. You may also wish to consider certain variables that influence your reimbursement potential in future, such as the quality of your jobs, your monthly salary and the extent of your other liabilities. When they think that given your middle ranking, you can still fulfill your repayment requirement, your application has a chance to be accepted.

750 and more – You ‘re very likely to get a loan with such a score. A high score provides some other advantages: the approval process would go much faster; the value of the loan will be higher; you will negotiate a lower interest rate. The entire process of authorizing the loan is much easier.

Why does the high CIBIL score affect your eligibility for your personal loan?

As stated previously, personal loans are collateral-free in nature, which means that the lender can not seize any assets from a lender’s point of view to recoup the cost of credit. This is why lenders lay down strict guidelines for CIBIL score, age , income, reimbursement capacities, etc. for candidates. The main reasons why a high score affects your eligibility for personal loans are the way borrowers earn a high CIBIL score. Some ways in which lenders perceive the high CIBIL score of prospective applicants for personal loans:

  • Tax accountable
  • Good track of repayment
  • Clear history of credit

Low / manageable existing debt rates

From the perspective of a lender, these indicate a lower risk of default if they lend to you. This is how a high CIBIL score increases your chances of a personal loan being accepted. However, for certain borrowers, you may also be liable for additional benefits. In addition to the eligibility itself, you can benefit from some important benefits by maintaining a high credit score:

  • Higher rate of interest
  • Higher amount of loan
  • Shorter loan processing times / faster authorization
  • Lengthened stay

Final remarks

Although we addressed the critical significance of a high CIBIL score in your eligibility to obtain a personal loan in the above sections, you must always note that it is not the only factor. Lenders also stress your wages, age, job background, number of dependents, etc., as these can affect your repayment ability and, thus, your default risk. Before you first apply for your personal loan, make sure you follow the eligibility requirements laid down by your prospective lender.

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