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Immediate Approval

Even after going through all the hectic processes to apply loan, it is hard to convince the bank manager to get an approval for the sanction of loan. This is different here, we assist you from the scratch to get approval.

Simple documentation

The documentation process are really simple that wouldn’t require any complicated procedures, customers are required to have minimum documents in order to get the approval of the loan.

Instant Bank Transfer

Customers can get the personal loan done with simple steps. We strive to transfer your personal loan amount to your account instantly within a minute. Our staffs are ready to get you back anytime.

Flexible Loan Facilities

Loan facilities are designed in a way that is very flexible for the customers. Many of the schemes and facilities are introduced by keeping the beneficiaries in mind. These facilities are indeed a boon for the customers.

No hidden costs

No Hidden Costs

Unlike other places we have no hidden charging of costs for any of your transactions and other activities. Customers can enjoy free services and facilities for all the processes to they wish to make for loan approval.

Loans up to 15 lakh

Customers can apply for loans upto 15 Lakhs, all you need to do is to leave us a message or do visit us. We are here to assist you in all aspects, so that you may have a successful life by endeavoring your dreams.

About Personal Loans By Press 4 Loans

Personal loans are for individuals salaried customers provided by Banks and Non- Banking Financial Sector (NBFC). Loans are helpful for covering your needs like, marriage, children’s education, furnishing purpose, hospitalisation, home renovation, house hold items, vacations, etc. Personal loans are unsecured loan provided for the customer without any security documents and guarantor signature. Likewise personal loan process is simple comparatively with home loans, mortgage loans.

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personal loan

Personal Loan

Traditionally personal loans are known to hard processing to get from the bank, even though many have the potentials to earn more money from the loan they get. But this has never been easier now.

Credit Card

Wishing your financial burdens would lessen if you have a credit card? Indeed it will. Credits cards are one of the lucrative ideas to sustain your finances that will ease your burden.

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Getting personal Loan from any bank is quite easy. Contact us for your personal loan needs!


Get Approval For Your Personal Loan

Loans that are provided to the customer for the tenure of 12 to 60 months. Interest rate starts form 11.00% it varies according to the loan amount. Customer should hold minimum work experience of 1yr subject to changes in work experience according to the company. Loan amount starts from Min 1,00,000 /- to 40,00,000/- depends upon the eligibility of the customer.

  • Immediate Approval
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Simple documentation

Instant Transfer To Your Bank Account

Loan will be credited to the salary account of the customer .EMI will cleared in the salary account of the customers. Pre closure charges will be applicable according to which bank the customer applied for personal loan. Partial payment also we can do.

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