Can you get a Personal Loan for a Down Payment

Personal loan is for Home Loan Down payment

It is a very important decision to buy a home or invest in a property and can be a life-changing event, which is why planning and preparations are so extensive. You pay a down payment when you buy a house, which is usually 20 % of the total cost of the property. The purchaser from his / her own wallet should invest this 20 % down payment, while the rest can be used as home credit from banks or NBFCs.

But many buyers have trouble arranging the down payment for the loan and if the property is costly, the down payment is high as well. If the purchaser does not have sufficient funds to cover 20% of the costs, he / she can make a personal loan. Although this is not the safest choice, it can still be used in an emergency.

Unless all your options are exhausted, it is not recommended to take a personal loan to pay a home loan as the mortgage lenders often don’t allow it. A personal loan defaults on the intent of the down payment because it means your property contribution or investment.

Personal loans also have a shorter duration than mortgages / home loans, resulting in higher monthly installments. The interest rate on personal loans is also substantially higher and can decrease from 10 to 30% anywhere.

If you buy a home, you can divulge the source and if your hypothecary lender wants to take a personal loan, you can use one. Explore all your options and try to find a lower rate as your personal loan must be refunded with the mortgage loan.

How do you reach a lower personal loan interest rate?

The interest rate on a personal loan can normally range from 10.99% to 30%. However, you will get a decent credit score at a lower interest rate. There are two items to note-a decent credit score and healthy monthly revenue. You automatically qualify for a personal loan with a lower interest rate if you have a credit score of 750 plus. Furthermore, you must ensure that you regularly receive monthly income which determines your stability.

All in all, we suggest you use your own money to pay off your home loan and just go for a personal loan if necessary.

Personal Loan used for Emergency

You can maintain your emergency fund for better use with a personal loan for down payment. Such emergency financing shall be saved for use in emergencies such as medical emergencies, sudden transportation etc. If you use your savings to pay off your home loan, you are left without any savings that can be a risky business.

Keep your FOIR

Make sure that the two EMIs together do not take up more than 40 percent of your net salary while taking advantage of a personal loan for down payment. If it goes beyond that, you may need to make sacrifices that are never acceptable in everyday needs. While using home loans and a personal loan, calculate the EMIs of both loans simultaneously and make sure that you can both serve without financial hiccups.

Personal loans are multi functional loans and can therefore be used for every purpose. One of the best uses of a private loan is a home loan down payment. There are a number of benefits which can be enjoyed by using a personal down payment loan. What is necessary is to pay regularly for EMIs. If you are disciplined in your repayment of your personal loan, you can enjoy it best.

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