Complete Online Personal Loans

Online Personal Loans

A personal loan is a loan that you can use for financial purposes. If you decide to use a personal loan, you are not required to give the lender the reason behind it. This is an unsecured loan that can be used for various purposes, such as home renovations, wedding payments, medical bills and moving expenses, etc. You can now make use of a personal loan online through technological advances. It is an instant personal loan that lets you save time compared to the offline loan application process. When you decide to receive a personal loan, the first thing you think of is the interest rate. But what if there are ways to achieve a low interest rate?

Personal Instant Loans:

A new age in banking
In recent years, there have been numerous changes in the banking sector and the instant loan is one of those changes. This loan is the change that the time was required.

The procedure to apply for a personal loan has been a long process since the start of the banking cycle, followed by uncertainty, frustration and time consumption. Due to all these reasons, a new form of lending instrument, which would be easier for people to use, was very important.

Instant personal loans solve the above problems and represent a new age in the field of lending.

Personal loan documents required

Documents are evidence of reliability and define the entire borrower profile. KYC documents are required by law to process all loan requests and, where appropriate, notify the authorities. We accept your documents electronically and can upload them on the website. The fundamental documents to apply for a loan include:


PAN Card

KYC (Proof of identity and address)

Bank reports for the last three months

The team may request other documents which may include

Wage slips

Evidence of possession of the house (if any)

Proof of permanent address

Proof of work, etc.

Eligibility Requirements for Personal Loan

Age: Atleast of 21 years (for employees) when the loan is taken and not more than 58 years (for employees) when the loan is terminated.

Works: Pvt Ltd, Pub Ltd, Govt, propreitor, Land and Partnership Companies

Minimum Take Home : Rs.20,000 in non-metro towns, Rs.25,000 in subway towns

Salary credit: In any pvt Banks or Govt Banks of Tamil Nadu. No cash salaries accepted

Job experience: Complete 2- Years work experience

Pre-qualify Personal Loan

If you have reduced loans, the lenders will most likely give you a loan. Most lenders make a soft request to pre-qualify or accept you. You can obtain a loan by pre-qualifying or pre-approval only if you match the overall financial profile of people to whom the lender has loaned money.

Prequalifying usually involves completing a short online form with your name , address, revenue and amount you want to borrow. The loaner must perform the above soft credit inquiry and inform you – either a few seconds or a few days later – of your pre-qualification for the loan.

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