How much can i borrow Personal Loan?

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Avail Personal Loan

Personal loans are an unsecured advance provided to an qualified individual by banks and NBFCs. Understanding your personal eligibility information is really important as this will simplify and speed up the application process. Every bank has different minimum requirements for salary, age, form of job, credit score, employment status, etc. To order to apply for a personal loan from a specific borrower, you must meet certain conditions. The eligibility conditions for a personal loan differ according to the profile of the borrower and its relationship with the bank. The following are general criteria and limits:

  • Minimum age limit 21-28 yrs
  • Maximum age limit 58 to 68 yrs
  • Salaried, Business , Self employed Professionals
  • Minimum take home salary 25000/-
  • Work experience 1 to 3yrs
  • Cibil Score 680 to 900
  • Maximum emi upto 70%

Take a Personal Loan according to the capability

take a loan that you can repay quickly. Your EMI personal loan does not cover more than 10% of your monthly net income. Therefore, your monthly production for all loans will not exceed 50% of your monthly income. Make sure you have an appropriate loan to income ratio. Certain financial targets could be affected if you pay for too many EMIs.

Avoid borrow to repay other debts

When you are still overcharged with EMIs and find it difficult to pay back debts, a personal loan will help. Yet this relief is fleeting and drives you down the pit deeper. You can only bear this if the interest rate on the new loan is very small in relation to the existing loan charge. For example, a property loan is fairly inexpensive and an effective way of replacing high-cost liabilities with a low-cost loan.

Opt the Bank/NBFC Clearly

Do not be drawn to easy-to-use deals and very low interest rates. Compare the prices of other borrowers until you select ‘Yes.’ The websites of the Loan Aggregator help you make the best possible choice. Don’t just go through the interest rate even here. Lenders are financial jugglers who sell a low rate without claiming it’s a flat rate. Loan levels will be based on a balance reduction. Test the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for the loan instead of the interest rate. It is the rate of interest on the total loan sum, which you pay per year, compounded for the entire length of the loan.

Don’t try multiple application it will affect your credit report

While the evaluation of various banks ‘ interest rates is a good idea, too much may be counterproductive. Every when you apply for a loan, the corresponding bank has access to your credit score. You will be seen as a credit thirsty person if you approach too many borrowers, which will impact your chances to get loans in the future. This is why a credit aggregator portal makes financial sense to get the best debt without compromising your credit score.

Understand the math behind offer

Innovative ways of attracting companies are available. The zero percent EMI schemes are an imaginative way for distributors to say that the customer gets an interest-free loan. Nevertheless, high transaction fees and file charges essentially mean that the value of zero percent is 12-15 per cent. Advance EMIs are another technique that borrowers use. When taking the loan, the borrower is asked to pay 1-2 EMIs in advance. What lenders tend to understand is that if you pay two EMIs in advance, the effective credit balance decreases even though the EMI balance stays the same. The real interest rate is therefore higher.

Payment rules on foreclosure

while RBI has asked banks not to impose home lending foreclosure charges, more loans tend to attract penalties for prepayment. Lenders charge a premium if the loan is paid in full so their interest income is impacted. Check the rules on foreclosure before you take a loan. When the contract lasts longer than 2-3 years and you plan to increase the cash flow over the next few months, you will take out a loan with the lowest forfeiture costs.


It’s important to do your homework when it comes to personal loans. There are a number of factors you need to consider, such as the amount of money you want to borrow, the interest rate and whether or not there are any fees associated with the loan. If you have a good credit score and can afford to repay the loan on time, then a personal loan could be an excellent option for you. Be sure to compare different lenders so that you get the best deal possible.

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