Who offers the best personal loans?

There are a lot of personal loans companies in the market, but which ones are actually the best? In this article, we take a look at three of the most popular lenders and compare their features. We also provide a helpful guide on how to choose the right loan for you.

Personal Loan or Signature Loan

Personal loans are unsecured loans available for both salaried and self-employed professionals to support the fulfillment of their overall, urgent and immediate personal or private expenses. Unsecured loans are non-secured loans that can be used easily. The interest rate on personal loans is higher than on secured loans. There are numerous providers of personal loans in India that offer easy and cheap loans. You just need a new loan if:

  • You are in the midst of a financial crisis and need funds immediately.
  • You have no collateral for a secured loan.
  • There is no room for comprehensive paperwork and loan procedures.
  • A short-term loan not exceeding five years is necessary.

Best Personal Loan Offered by Bank

BANK Interest Loan Amount
Axis Bank 12-24% 50,000-15 lakhs
Bajaj 12.99% onwards Up to 25 lakhs
Citi Bank 10.50-18.99% 50,000-30 lakhs
Fullerton India 12-36% Up to 25 lakhs
Hdfc Bank 10.75-21.30% 50,000-40 lakhs
Icici Bank 11.25% onwards 50,000-20 lakhs
Idfc First Bank 11.50% onwards 1 lakh-25 lakhs
IndusInd Bank 10.75% onwards 50,000-15 lakhs
Standard Chartered Bank 10.99% onwards 1 lakh-30 lakhs
Kotak Mahindra Bank 10.99-24% 50,000-15 lakhs
Sbi Bank 10.50% onwards Up to 20 lakhs
Tata Capital 10.99% onwards 75,000-25 lakh
UCO Bank 10.95% onwards Up to 10 lakhs
Union Bank Of India 10.10% onwards Up to 10 lakhs
Yes Bank 10.99% onwards 1 lakh-40 lakh

Who is eligible for obtain Personal Loan?

Personal loan is an unsecured credit given to customers by banks and NBFCs to use this money for personal purposes. In India, these loans range from 50,000 rupees (50 thousand) to 50,000,000 (50 lakh). Such credits are available both to working workers and to self-employed customers. Personal loans for students or disabled persons are usually not eligible. Based on your income and credit history, you will benefit from these loans.

Whom can I get Personal Loan?

Since this financial service is unsecured, you have to move through hard filters to get it. Banks do not supply such loans in a manner that is selective in offering these loans to customers as demanded by customers. These institutions will seek stable income, safe sources of income and a history of credit while providing this service to everybody. You need to find out which bank is your right choice and which meets your payment requirements and options.

Here are some personal calculations that help you know how much you have to pay 1 lakh of loan amount per month for different tenure periods.

The personal credit emi calculator can be used to check the EMI for your credit, tenure, and interest rates – click here.

Factors influencing personal loans

Professionals: You’ll receive the lowest rates if you work in top 10000 companies in India. These are referred to as banks’ Cat A OR Cat B firms. It is regarded as an internal banking strategy to promote its business.

Cibil Score – It’s a rating when a customer first agrees on a loan or credit card. On the basis of your payment history, you will score from 0 to 900 on previous loans and credit cards. 0 if you don’t have a single credit card or loan. Except for the HDFC Bank Personal Loan, most banks don’t prefer new customers.

When you pay for your card bills on times and score is between 750 and 900, most banks consider you as a customer and are prepared to give you the best. If your score is less than 750, only a small number of NBFCs will do your business.

Eligibility criteria for personal loans

The following are the eligibility requirements for personal loans from banks and NBFCs in India, which are usually followed. In general, the best personal loan deals can be viewed as having the broad requirements for eligibility.

Regular source of income

You should have a stable source of income for personal credit, such as monthly salary, retirement pension or business income.


The applicant’s minimum age will be 21 years for most personal loan providers.

Better credit score

Applies to your credit report in the 3-digit overview and shows your repayment history directly. The score varies between 300 and 900 and the chances of personal loans are also improved as the score increases.

Reputation of an employer

Working with a well-known private employer or a central or state government improves the chances of getting a personal loan as it suggests job stability.

Job experience

Most banks and NBFCs provide personal loans for people with at least 1 year’s experience whether they are working by themselves, or with a minimum of 2 years ‘ experience.

Benefits of Personal Loan

The following are the advantages which make a personal loan one of the best personal borrowing options:

Flexibility of use: For almost any purpose you can use a personal loan, including wedding, home refurbishment, medical emergency etc.

Collateral Free / Unsecured: Unlike a car loan or a home loan, you usually don’t have to offer collateral or insurance to allow use of a personal loan.

Minimal Documentation: Because personal loans are not secured in nature, minimal documentation is required. In most cases you only have to provide proof of identity, residence and income.

Fast disbursement: The amount of personal loan is normally paid out in a matter of days after application and approval.

Flexible repayment Tenure: The loan can usually be repaid for up to 5 years as you wish.

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